Everything you need to know about the Bluetti Bucks points program

[Guide] Everything you need to know about the Bluetti Bucks points program

More and more people are relying on our portable power stations, and in a short time, our community has grown bigger and bigger. For this reason, we want to show you our loyalty program and break it down to the last detail so that all your purchases have a reward. With this program, which we have named 'Bluetti bucks', you will be able to accumulate points through a series of actions and/or purchases that we will see later.

Broadly speaking, and to give you a very brief first summary, the allocation of points is very simple:

When buying at Bluetti

For every €1 spent = 1 bucks point

By recommending Bluetti

For every €1 your friend spends = 2 bucks points for you

But let's go by steps, because we would like to explain in depth all the advantages of our loyalty system. Thus, you will be able to take advantage of each and every one of the opportunities that you have at hand with Bluetti.

To begin with, you should know that there are two big blocks in terms of how to get points with Bluetti:

  • Free Actions
  • Shopping at Bluetti

Free actions that give you Bluetti bucks

For us it is important that you are part of our online community. For this reason, we have also wanted to include certain free actions in our loyalty system. These will allow us to get to know you a little better, to know what you think about our products and to be able to stay in touch in an easy way. We do not want to be a brand that only remembers you when you buy, but to accompany you closely on this new path towards energy independence. For example, by following us on social networks, you will not only have access to simple customer service, but you will also be able to find out about tips, news, guides, etc. In short, to help you experience our portable power stations to the fullest.

Here I leave you with the free actions that will give you Bluetti points. But first, keep in mind that some of these actions are best done once you are logged in and from the reward page so that they are directly associated with your points portfolio.

50 Bucks

  • Visit the Facebook group BLUETTI Energía Club Español (do it from reward)

100 Bucks

  • Follow the Instagram account of @bluetti_es (do it from reward)
  • Share the Bluetti website on your Facebook profile (do it from reward)

200 Bucks

  • Create an account at https://es. bluettipower. eu/
  • Subscribe to the Newsletter
  • Complete your profile with more information about yourself
  • Add your birthday in your profile information

Purchases that give you Bluetti bucks

How could it be otherwise, our Points System also contemplates rewards for every euro you invest in our products. In general, as we mentioned at the beginning, you can assume that every €1 of purchases will give you 1 more buck in your profile.

But in addition, we also have special products and sums that you will like to take into account:

  • 500 points for the purchase of a BLUETTI EB55- 700W | 537Wh (ideal for its small size, you can take it anywhere)
  • 2 points for €1 purchases from a user who uses your personalized link that you will find on your reward page

In addition to this, the more you spend on Bluetti products, the faster you can increase your bucks portfolio. Specifically, from the age of 5. €000 spent, you will start to enjoy a more accelerated growth of your points:

  • 000 points for expenses equal to or greater than 5. €000 in Bluetti and your points will multiply x1.5
  • 000 points for expenses equal to or greater than 15. €000 in Bluetti and your points will multiply x2
  • 000 points for expenses equal to or greater than 30. €000 in Bluetti and your points will multiply x3

Redeem your points starting at 2. 000 bucks

Now let's get to the really interesting thing. How to redeem Bluetti buck points? In order to enjoy them, the first thing you must do is accumulate at least 2. 000 bucks. From this amount you can exchange your points for discounts. Keep in mind that the discounts you get will be associated with your account and you can only use them from there. That is, you cannot give your discounts to other users. What you can do is buy, for your friends or family, from your account if you want them to be able to enjoy your points.

These are the discounts you can get with your Bluetti points.

  • €20 discount that you can get by exchanging 2. 000 buck points
  • €50 discount that you can get by exchanging 5. 000 buck points
  • €100 discount that you can get by exchanging 10. 000 buck points

Although we can currently only offer you these three discounts, we are working to be able to offer you many more advantages associated with the points you accumulate. So stay tuned because we'll let you know when we have news.

Some important things to keep in mind about our Points System

This points program is framed in a series of requirements that you must take into account before starting to participate and accumulate points:

  • Discounts can only be used on purchases from the official website of https://es. bluettipower. eu/. That is, your accumulated points and discounts can only be used in our online store. And, therefore, if you buy in stores like Amazon or Wallmart, as they are third parties, we cannot apply any type of advantage associated with your Bluetti de bucks portfolio.
  • The bucks are valid for 12 months. From the time you earn your points, no more than 12 months can pass before you use them on your next purchases.
  • When you make 1 purchase, you can use 1 discount bucks and, at the same time, you will also earn the points that correspond to that purchase. That is, in the same order you can redeem your discount and continue earning 1 buck for every euro you spend on that purchase.
  • There are some expenses that will not convert to bucks. Such as the taxes associated with your purchase and shipping costs, since both amounts are external taxes to our company.

More information: https://es. bluettipower. eu/pages/bluetti-bucks